Research and development: At the heart of our performance

R&D is the key to our success

PGO Scooters is committed to relentless innovation and sustainable production. Thanks to our major investments in R&D, we develop two- and four-wheel vehicles that are more and more advanced—from their technical performance to outstanding driving dynamics, they ensure safe rides and respect the strictest environmental norms.

Reducing the environmental impact of our scooters and off-road vehicles

PGO Scooters is always on the lookout for the latest innovations in eco-friendly manufacturing. We take pride in developing new scooters and off-road vehicles that meet your concerns for the environment as well as the highest environmental standards. We pay close attention to our products’ Co2 emissions, sounds, and vibrations—all while never compromising on your driving experience and safety.

Reducing the environmental impact of our entire production line

PGO Scooters relies on the expertise and experience of its engineers, designers, technicians, and partners to perfect production methods that minimize the impact our manufacturing has on the environment.