Quality assurance

We take quality assurance very seriously.

PGO Scooters is a proud member of the Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council (MMIC)

The MMIC is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of motorcycle and scooter manufacturers, distributors, product and service dealers, and riders across Canada.

Off-road vehicles

Le MMIC collaborates with governmental, non-profit organizations, and national and provincial associations to establish policies to safeguard off-road terrain against improper use.

PGO quality assurance

PGO’s scooters and off-road vehicles adhere to the industry’s strict quality and safety standards. All product parts are carefully inspected by our qualified engineers and technicians before assembly.

Environmental standards


All scooters and off-road vehicles manufactured and distributed PGO Scooters respect Environment Canada’s anti-pollution standards. The company is committed to:

  • Reducing emissions by using the most advanced and economically viable technologies on the market.
  • Minimizing noise levels and adhering to Transport Canada’s noise emission standards.
  • Improving energy efficiency by developping new technologies.

International ISO standards