Behind the scenes in our production facilities

A perfect chemistry between suppliers enables us to put products on the road (and off the road!) that boast the highest performance levels never before seen. They are fast becoming the new gold standards in the industry.


PGO’s scooters get their start at the production facilities of PGO Motive Power, a Taiwan-based firm that is renowned worldwide for its for two-wheel and off-road vehicles. Since 1964, PGO Motive Power has been supplying PGO Scooters with non-assembled parts and accessories that are impeccably made.

Production and assembly

PGO Scooters assembles all vehicles and ensures top-notch finishing. The company also manufactures several parts and works with a wide variety of suppliers for very specific accessories. All scooter parts and off-road vehicles meet rigorous quality and safety standards. Each product is meticulously inspected by our qualified engineers and technicians before final assembly.

PGO Scooters: The top scooter manufacturer in the world

PGO’s products clearly stand out from the competition, thanks to our relentless pursuit of innovation, impressive technological performance, and show-stopping designs. We cater to all types of riding styles: competitive racing, urban riding, and road and off-road trips. PGO Scooters has won several international competitions, which salute our team’s technical and design prowess.